Imelda Marcos Mother

Eleanor || Nottingham

My older sister’s friend had moved away to university, and her parents immediately turned her room into a study.

Me – When I go to uni, you’re not going to turn my room into a study, are you?

Mum – No, why would we do that?

Me – Thanks, Mum.

Mum – It’s gonna be my shoe room.


2 Responses to Imelda Marcos Mother

  1. lindalou says:


    I’m upping this by a bit. As soon as my son leaves for college, I’m moving to a new home. Even though he will have a room at the new house, he can’t understand where his home will be. Poor boy.

  2. I only have 3 pairs of shoes.

    But I have 100 different kinds of stationery!

    To each his own. 🙂

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