Your Mum Rates Us

July 1, 2009

Natalie Trans || Australia / Youtube

Noticed on Natalie’s Twitter:

When teaching my mother some English (point and name), my sister points at a camel

Mum – Next. I don’t need to learn that.


Has to be said that Natalie is one of our favourite people on these here intermawebs. Go see her. She is awesome.

The One (Wedding) Ring

June 12, 2009

Alia || Aus

My niece was sitting on my mum’s lap, playing with her rings. She took each one off, modelled  it herself, then put it back on, until she reached my mum’s wedding ring.

Mum – You can’t take that one off, baby.

My niece – Why?

Mum – Because it’s … my precious!


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Yo Momma

June 4, 2009

Derek || LA

My friend’s mom said this to me; luckily she’s a cool lady and hasn’t banned me from the house! We were playing computer games in his room and telling your momma jokes. His mom walked in behind us and we didn’t realise.

Me – I wouldn’t touch yo momma with a ten foot pole!

His momma – You WISH you had a ten foot pole.

Watch Your Mouth, Kid

June 2, 2009

Dan || Sidcup

My sister just got off the phone with her boyfriend and stormed upstairs. My mum and I were sitting in the lounge.

Me – I’ve got a baaaaad feeling about this.

Mum – I find your lack of faith disturbing.