Yo Momma

June 4, 2009

Derek || LA

My friend’s mom said this to me; luckily she’s a cool lady and hasn’t banned me from the house! We were playing computer games in his room and telling your momma jokes. His mom walked in behind us and we didn’t realise.

Me – I wouldn’t touch yo momma with a ten foot pole!

His momma – You WISH you had a ten foot pole.

It’ll Be Delightful Either Way

May 28, 2009

Si || UK

My friend turned up at our house just as we were finishing dinner, and my mum had made Angel Delight for afters. As my friend sat down with us she turned to him.

Mum – Would you like some Afternoon Delight?

You know, like a camel would

May 13, 2009

Alexa || Plymouth, UK

My mum was clearing out the spare room for decorating and asked me the following:

Mum – Do you want to come and help me hump stuff?

What about the airbags?

May 12, 2009

Keighlee || DC, USA

This wasn’t said by my own mom, although she has said some hilarious things. My friend told me this, but I think it’s a good one.

Mom – Hey look, kids – that car is exactly like mine! Only, I have a bigger rack up top.