Imelda Marcos Mother

June 16, 2009

Eleanor || Nottingham

My older sister’s friend had moved away to university, and her parents immediately turned her room into a study.

Me – When I go to uni, you’re not going to turn my room into a study, are you?

Mum – No, why would we do that?

Me – Thanks, Mum.

Mum – It’s gonna be my shoe room.


At Least She’s Not One Of Those Pushy Mothers

June 10, 2009

Linda || London

As a kid I was convinced that I was destined to be the next Judy Garland, and my mum patiently drove me to auditions and mopped up my tears when I never got the part. One day I was particularly upset, and the following exchange occurred.

Me – I’m never going to another audition -never, never never!

Mum – Alright, honey. You really aren’t very good.

Oddly enough, it did stop me crying; I think from shock more than anything.

A big waist of a compliment

May 14, 2009

Charlie || Glasgow, Scotland

Me – Hey, that dress looks great! Have you lost some weight?

Mum – Yep, and it looks like you found it.